FY2011 Annual Report

Annual Report: July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011
St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children
Community Oral Health Initiatives

The Community Oral Health Initiatives (COHI) continues to provide access to dental treatment, oral health literacy
and consumer health advocacy for the neighborhoods surrounding St. Christopher’s Hospital despite challenging
economic times. It was a year to analyze and refine the delivery of our services so the Initiatives could continue
to offer our vital resources without compromising quality. We are proud to celebrate nearly 10 years of service to
underserved children with 6 of those years as “a dental home” for many children, a public health training facility for
both dental and medical professionals and the recognized source for quality oral health literacy programs.

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, Dental Program (RMCM), offers access to comprehensive and continuous oral
health care to children living in the neighborhoods surrounding St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children. This area
is a federally designated Dental Health Provider Shortage Area. A child is eligible to enter the program up through
third grade and is offered comprehensive and continuous care until age 17 if maintaining an annual preventive visit.

Operating 227 days in the last year, the Care Mobile has partnered with 58 sites that included District, Charter,
Parochial and Head Start schools. In the summer, we visited family shelters, summer camps and child care centers.
The Care Mobile remains available to all underserved children, regardless of their connection to our sites, with 53
days reserved as community “by appointment” days.

This year we added 1 and 2 year olds as eligible patients.
We took this leap of faith for what we consider a “no-
frills practice” in the Care Mobile, so we could help
Early Head Start Programs. Early Head Start and Head
Start Programs face the challenge of satisfying thefederal requirements that each child has a “dental home”– regular dental prevention and treatment. In the past
year, 55% of our new patients were pre-school age and included 148 – 1 and 2 year old children. Considering our
young clientele, we maintained a 7% specialist referral
rate and completed 81% of the treatment prescribed for all
our Head Start and pre-school students.





In the past year, 44.5% of our new patients presented with dental decay.15% of the (148) 1 and 2 year olds had decayed teeth and 16 of those children had 4 or more decayed teeth.Analyzing our data, which includes a rating of a client’s hygiene (tooth cleanliness), it was exciting to see that hygiene was directly related to decay risk. We continue to provide each child with chair-side instruction, a new toothbrush and dental supplies for the whole family in our “Family Oral Health Kit”.






We were approved as a National Health Service Corps (NHSC) site and hired our first NHSC dentist, Afua “Effie”
Richardson, DMD. Dr. Richardson has experience working in public health dentistry and aspires to “make a big difference in dental health for children”.

In the past year the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, Dental Program:
• Participated in (4) health fairs, including the District’s “Back to School” event
• Participated in “Give Kids a Smile” Day, an National Event promoted by the American Dental Association
• Celebrated “National Dental Hygiene Month” by showcasing the Care Mobile in Camden, N.J. and screening and educating 149 children

  • Participated in (4) Health Partners “Chopper Checks” and (1) with Keystone Mercy – events that linked their non-compliant members with our Program
  • Submitted detailed data to the Southeast Oral Health Taskforce (collected from all school dental providers and analyzed to continuous measure the oral health status of children in the City of Philadelphia)
  • Continued to measure the decay rate by age in our clients
  • Measured our average cost per child was $258
Submitted by Janet Karlicek, RDH 6/17/11
“I had a great “Hygiene Moment” today. Mom arrived with her cute little 3 year-old. The child’s mouth was not so cute. Her little teeth were covered with built up plaque. There was a lot of decalcification on her teeth near the gum line. I was able to have a wonderful one on one with Mom, showing her how to brush and floss her daughter’s teeth. I told Mom that she should be flossing her own teeth regularly because her little girl would learn from her. Mom, who was in her late 20’s, opened her own mouth to show me that she had no upper teeth and only the anterior teeth on the lower. She explained that she was a diabetic and had lost the bone [from gum disease] around her teeth. It was a great opportunity to talk to Mom about her own
oral hygiene and how she needed to preserve the teeth she had left. She will be getting an upper denture and a partial for the lower. Mom was very interested and receptive as I discussed germs, diet and good oral hygiene practices so the little girl would not follow in Mom’s footsteps and lose all her teeth at a young age.”


The My Marvelous Mouth, Oral Health Literacy Program (MMM), delivers classroom oral health literacy classeswith age appropriate information to children in pre-school programs, Kindergarten, 3rd, 7th and 11th grades. We primarily take this program to schools visited by the RMCM.  Our goal is to create an informed generation of “smart consumers” and build value for oral health.

In the past year this program –
• launched the pre-school curriculum
• received a donation from DentaQuest (Medicaid insurance carrier) of 4000 copies of “Oral Health
Matters”, oral health information handouts for middle school students
• donated an hard cover book on an oral health subject to each school’s Kindergarten classes and 3rd grade
• gave a “I Lost a Baby Tooth” calendar to each Kindergarten and 3rd grade classroom
• received outstanding evaluations on the program from classroom teachers – many referred us to colleagues in other schools

“Got students thinking!”
“The children were very excited and active participants throughout the lesson”
“The best presentation I’ve seen in my school” [comment from a 7th grade student]


Realizing the dental offices see children less often or not at all compared to medical offices, the Pediatric Partners Program is working to equip medical offices with early intervention skills that will enable their staff to identify, educate and refer children for dental care.

This year, the Pediatric Partners Program has –
• provided advocacy and clinical training for (28) SCHC pediatric residents on the Ronald
McDonald Care Mobile
• provided public health practice experience for (8) SCHC Pediatric Dental Residents
• provided public health practice experience for (29) Community College of Philadelphia Dental
Hygiene students
• delivered (1) Noon Lecture for SCHC Pediatric Medical Residents
• presented (1) In-service training for school nurses
• given (1) In-service training for Head Start Family Service Advocates
• delivered (1) Lecture for Manor College dental hygiene students

Emerging Programs –


Diamonds and Pearls is oral health literacy for the greater Philadelphia community. Intended to inform the partners, parents and adults in greater Philadelphia area about oral health prevention and treatment options, this Program uses media and educational venues to disseminate current information based on scientific evidence and best practice models.

In the past year Diamonds and Pearls delivered –

  • (1) Bulletin board display to a local detention center
  • a Media Release called “Holiday Oral Health Tips”

Currently an educational program for pregnant women, the My Baby’s Smile Program (MBS) plans to offer full preventive services for pregnant women that can impact the risk for dental disease in their children. We continue to search for the financial support that will provide the “ultimate prevention” of childhood caries – limiting bacteria inoculation from a mother with untreated oral disease to her newborn child.

Since the beginning of the reporting period, the My Baby’s Smile Program –
• presented (2) Expectant parent classes at IMPACT Services and Philadelphia Parent Child Center
• met with prospective partners


The Community Oral Health Initiatives takes an active role in building community awareness and engaging partners and policy makers in Community Advisory Meetings. It also participates with the Southeast Oral Health Taskforce, Philadelphia Pacemaker Team for Head Start and Early Head Start, (4) Dental Advisory Committees and the Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health.

Frequently recognized in local media, this year the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, Dental Program was recognized in a BEN FM “Woman of the Week” interview and showcased on Channel 10 news during the Ronald McDonald House Charities fundraiser.

Finding the Community Oral Health Initiatives on the internet, a York County high school student decided to dedicate her senior Community Improvement Project to the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile, Dental Program. In October, Jillian Hartman delivered over 3, 200 dental supplies collected in her community from school students, dentists and businesses. Her interest in
improving oral health in children has prompted her to enter dental hygiene school in the fall.


Thank you to our supporters who make possible these programs, providing tangible services to our community:

St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children
The Percival Roberts Trust/Wells Fargo Bank
Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Philadelphia Region
Patricia Kind Family Fund
CIGNA Foundation
TD Charitable Foundation
Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial Fund

And many others who faithfully donate dollars, toys, toothbrushes and toothpaste