A Small Act of Kindness Brightens Naomi’s Day

For over a decade, Bruce Goldenberg has been a good friend, donor, andvolunteer at RMHC Philly. After retiring, he volunteered at our front desk, and later found his calling as a volunteer van driver taking families to and from the hospital. One day, during a routine van ride, Bruce’s vibrant red and white sunglasses caught the eye of a guest mom named Brittany. She told him that her daughter, Naomi, who was receiving treatment in the hospital, loved collecting sunglasses. At the end of the ride, Bruce surprised Brittany by giving her the sunglasses for Naomi. Brittany said, “It made my day, and Naomi was so excited when I gave them to her. She wore them or held them all day!” Bruce didn’t anticipate how happy this small gesture would make Naomi. “I get teary-eyed about it; it really made me feel great that I was able to make that little girl’s day a little brighter than it was,” Bruce shared. “People say to me, ‘It’s sad to work there, isn’t it?’ And I always say, no, you can’t believe how uplifting it is to volunteer! It’s just great.”