Carversville Farm Foundation Helps to Feed our Families!

At RMHC Philly, we grateful for our partnership with Carversville Farms. Since 2019, Carversville Farms has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing fresh produce and meat, which has nourished our guest families and brought smiles to their faces. The Carversville Farm Foundation is certified organic and raises all their animals on pasture, donating 100% of what they produce. Their generous support plays a pivotal role in ensuring our families have a comfortable stay. With over 140 families staying with us, that’s a lot of mouths to feed!

So far in 2023, Carversville Farms has donated:

  • Over 12K pasture-raised eggs
  • Over 3.5K pounds of pasture-raised meat
  • Over 1.5K pounds of cooking greens
  • 4.3K pounds of vegetables