A Letter from the Chen Family

My name is Sunny, and my daughter is Brenda. First, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Ronald McDonald House for its unwavering support to Brenda and my family. The safe, beautiful, and accommodating environment has made us feel incredibly warm, and greatly alleviated my family’s financial burden as well as my mental stress. We have
also received solace and spiritual nourishment, enabling me to better focus on Brenda’s treatment and recovery. Brenda is now cheerful, and her health is steadily improving, which fills me with genuine relief.

During the darkest moment of my life, I brought my daughter to Philadelphia to receive treatment for a severe relapse of B-cell blood cancer. In this unfamiliar city, we initially faced numerous challenges—language barriers and little support. At the beginning of our arrival, I didn’t know how to use public transportation, how to use Google, or how to purchase a SIM card. I did not know where to shop or how to pay. All of this was so overwhelming for me. That period left me deeply fearful and unsettled. Upon arriving at the House, we immediately felt at home.

The environment, the convenient transportation, and the daily meals made our life much easier. I no longer had to wait by the roadside on the cold, dark mornings with Brenda to catch a bus to the hospital. I didn’t have to worry about buying groceries and cooking while taking care of Brenda when she wasn’t feeling well. I no longer had to refuse Brenda’s requests for toys due to our financial limitations. I still remember the time I met Madison, an intern in the Social Work department. Her care and love filled my heart, and my tears couldn’t help but pour out.

Throughout our stay, she continued to offer us much care and assistance, for which I am truly grateful. We feel that we are no longer alone. Here, we are in a big family in which everyone understands, supports, and encourages each other.
Thanks to generous donors, we experienced the thrill of watching ice hockey and baseball games for the first time, which Brenda and I both found exhilarating.

Special thanks to Caroline, the House’s Family Programs and Activities Manager, for providing us with such great resources. For Brenda, the House is a place filled with joy and happiness. She loves everything here, from the teachers, Sally and Ali, to her peers, to everyone who cares for her. She loves every activity, from cultural classes and music lessons to arts and crafts, which are fun and educational. She has learned a lot, made many friends, and has been enjoying many happy moments.

Secondly, I would like to thank all the staff and volunteers whose dedication and care have made us feel at home. I also want to thank the CEO, Susan Campbell. Under her leadership, RMHC Philly continues to help and support more families. Our experience at the House will warm my remaining life, and I believe it will also warm Brenda’s entire life. Finally, I hope more children, like Brenda, continue to shine brightly and hold love in their hearts even after enduring the harshest tests of life. At the same time, we look forward to RMHC continuing to expand and support even more families in need.