Help Us Prepare Our House for More Families than Ever!

We are excited to open the Jill and Alan B. Miller Tower, but we need your help to welcome many more families at the beginning of the year to our new spaces and to maintain our facilities now and in the future. To open 96 new bedrooms, we will need beds and chairs and lamps; electricity, water, and internet; we need to be able to keep appliances working; we need to have clean rooms. We are not done yet. We still need help!

$5000 – Furniture & Linens

Keep our families comfortable with beds, linens, pillows, and functional furniture to help them feel at home.

$2,500 — Technology & Communications:

Make sure our families stay connected to loved ones and work, and ensure our House has reliable Internet access, phones, and security.

$1,000 – Kitchen Equipment & Pantry:

Help us get our kitchen ready with appliances and wares to prepare nutritious meals every day.

$500 — Maintenance & Housekeeping:

Help us keep all mechanical equipment in tip-top shape and guest rooms and common areas clean and tidy each and every day.

$250 — Water & Gas:

Keep our families warm, hydrated, and clean, our common areas comfortable, clothes and linens freshly laundered, and dishes sparkling every day.

$100 — Electricity:

Keep the House’s lights on, the elevators moving, the refrigerators running, and our families feeling safe and secure.