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Angel Flights NE

To arrange free air and ground transportation so children and adults may access life-saving medical care. For patients who live within 1,000 miles of their destination. There are several Angel Flight Organizations depending on where you live in the U.S. Check online to identify the Angel Flight that covers your geographical area.
To request a NE flight, contact:
(800) 549-9980 or (978) 794-6868

Children’s Flight of Hope

Children’s Flight of Hope is a North Carolina non-profit organization that provides air transportation for children to access specialized medical care. Requirements: Patient under 18 years travels with 1 adult, medical and financial need, flights within the U.S.

Corporate Angel Network (CAN)

Corporate Angel Network (CAN) arranges free transportation on business aircraft for cancer patients, as well as bone marrow and stem cell donors and recipients, traveling to recognized treatment centers throughout the country.
Qualification is not based on financial need and patients may travel as often as necessary.
To learn more and register, visit www.corpangelnetwork.org call 1-866-328-1313.

Mercy Medical Angels

Mercy Medical Angels removes the barrier to medical care with transportation on the ground with gas cards, bus and train tickets and in the air with flights flown by volunteer pilots and the commercial airlines.

Miracles Flights

Free commercial air travel to individuals in need of specialized medical care not available in their local communities. Flights are coordinated through major airlines to medical facilities across the U.S. at no cost. Patients under 18 years can be joined by up to 2 parents or legal guardians.
Subject to guidelines and eligibility
Application is online. To apply, email your application to flightspecialist@miracleflights.org or fax it to (702) 261-0497.

National Patient Travel Center

National Patient Air Transport Helpline provides information and referrals for all forms of charitable, long-distance medical air travel.

Patient Airlift Services – PALS

Patient AirLift Services is a nonprofit that arranges free flights for medical patients requiring medical diagnosis, treatment or follow-up who cannot afford or are unable to fly commercially. PALS also arranges volunteer flights for family members of patients as compassionate missions, to ensure patients have support when they are away from home for long periods.
Apply online : palservices.force.com/form/s/patient