The Bonn Family Story

When Owen Bonn was turning just 2 years old, his parents realized that he was losing his eyesight. Doctors in his hometown of Hershey diagnosed him retinoblastoma—a form of eye cancer—and Owen and his family came to Philadelphia seeking treatment.  They ended up coming to Philly more than once a month. Fortunately, they have been able to stay at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House.

His mother shares that “The financial burden that the House lifts is just a small part of what is offered, and that alone is a stress relief. The staff and volunteers are so kind and it is uplifting to talk to other parents in other situations. I always feel more positive going into our appointments after staying at the House.”

Owen loves dancing to music played from the jukebox, playing with the dogs during pet therapy, and having fun during art therapy at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. He’s even made friends with another child with retinoblastoma.

His mother shared “Cancer is life changing—it can make you bitter or better. We are so thankful for the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House because it continues to help us through dark times.”