food services Program

Our Food Services Program is one of the main pillars of service that upholds our mission to supports families of seriously ill children by creating a community of comfort and hope. Families often don’t have the extra time, resources, or energy to prepare or purchase a meal. Coming home after an exhausting day at the hospital to a fully prepared meal can make a huge difference in a family’s day.

Please note: The Guest Chef volunteer program is on hiatus to protect our community during COVID-19. We hope to reopen to meal groups in summer 2021.

There Are Many Ways You Can Support Our Food Services Program:

  • Share your relationships with us! We are always seeking to make connections with individuals and organizations who can help us keep our families well-fed, such as:
    • produce donors/farms who are willing to donate fresh fruits and vegetables
    • meat purveyors, butchers who can donate protein
    • dairy purveyors who can donate vanilla yogurt, plain yogurt, heavy cream, creamers/Half & Half, mozzarella cheese, gallon-sized containers of milk
    • companies that can supply commercial coffee pots, brewers, paper goods, etc. 
    • supermarket managers who may be able to donate products
  • Donate a meal from your favorite restaurant to support our families AND culinary workers in the community!
  • Donate individually-wrapped snack items (chips, pretzels) and ready-to-eat meals. 
  • Donate to-go containers, coffee/beverage cups with lids, and labels. Our communal dining space is closed during COVID so families take meals in their guest rooms.
  • Donate Gift Cards – GrubHub, Acme, and Visa gift cards will be distributed so families can buy fresh, healthy food when they go home, especially after a lengthy stay at the House.

If you have questions or creative ways that you’d like to support the families that rely on our Food Services Program, contact:

Lori-Anne Miller
Assistant Director of Volunteers
215.387.8406 ext 1150