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You can help us finish the biggest
expansion in our history

We have raised $53 million of the $55 million total of our recent expansion, which helped us more than double our capacity. We hope you will consider investing in our capital campaign so that we can continue providing a community of comfort and hope.

New outdoor area

Our Vision


In 1974, the doors opened to the first Ronald McDonald House here in Philadelphia. They’ve been open ever since.

Every year, the RMHC Philly continues to provide housing, food, comfort and companionship to hundreds of families with seriously ill children. Because we know that by keeping families close, we are helping to keep families together – as well as helping to keep them well. Unfortunately, due to lack of available space, today we must turn many families away.

To make room in our house, we must make room in our hearts.

That’s why we’ve launched Room in Our Hearts, the most ambitious fundraising campaign in our history, which will more than double the available bedroom and amenity space at our flagship house at 39th and Chestnut streets, and establish a well of support to maintain our facilities and sustain our daily operations now and in the future.

By the numbers, Room in Our Hearts aims to raise $55M in capital and operational support. This historic endeavor will enable us to go from serving approximately 800 families annually to an estimated 1,900 and to increase our available room nights from 16,000 to more than 40,000 per year.

Which brings us to the most important number: One. Every single gift to Room in Our Hearts, helps us meet our ultimate goal: ensuring that families with seriously ill children have easier access to care, suffer fewer financial burdens, and receive the critical psycho-social support that enables them to preserve normalcy in their lives.

Help us make room, so that we might keep more families close. Make your pledge of support to Room in Our Hearts today!